Taken at the side of a road in Cumbria.

Naturally there was poor light because it was raining, but only a bit !

I had to stop as I was so struck by the depth of the colours which I have not altered at all in the first 3 shots. Cumbria was full of this bright green moss and coppery coloured leaves.


I can imagine some fairy creature living in this first tree or maybe a hobbit? 






I had a little play around in camera with these other 2 😉






Personally I prefer the originals what do you think?


You can see some of the other photos I took when I was in Cumbria here  


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35 thoughts on “Beech

  1. reminds me of the movie ( I forgot the title), where the girl enters and crawls inside the passage between the huge roots of the tree ( like your photo) and awaits a giant frog inside. 😉

    Love your photo, I can feel the dampness . 😛

  2. I love the originals, that woodsy green and brown all earthy and fecund. I learned at the Nature Center on Wednesday that chipmunks make holes at the base of trees for wintering; squirrels go further up the trunk. Fairies might be found even further up, since they can fly. 🙂

  3. I love trees too!
    Something very peaceful about strolling through a wood or forest, but
    something magical about an old misshapen tree standing alone

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