Flashes of colour in the greyness.

Another right time right place photo opportunity in rain. Not MORE rain !.

After a week of mostly greyness in Cumbria these canoeists provided a very welcome splash ( no pun intended !) of colour. 



Click on the image to enlarge it and make it clearer. 


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13 thoughts on “Flashes of colour in the greyness.

  1. I love the upland rivers, but I’m glad I’m not canoeing in there, it looks a bit chilly. Lovely photo as ever 🙂

  2. I’ve got visions of you shouting down,
    “Oy! You in the yellow canoe, sorry Kayak, Yeah! You on the left…Can you straighten up a bit? I’m trying to take a photo here!”

    AND… Have you noticed, if you turn the shot upside down they look like a formation of multi-coloured geese…..? (Or is that just me, I’m on new medication?)

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