Portrait of a LoneTree

My name is Helen Cherry and I’m a Treeaholic…  There you are I said it !!

I love trees so expect lots more of them


This is just a lone tree taken through the usual fearsome Cumbrian wind and rain.

I nearly lost my car door when I opened it to get out to take these !

Photography is a VERY dangerous pastime !





Sorry this post was done in a bit of a rush.. I can see where I could have cropped a little to take out a distraction or two ( can you spot where? ?)  but too tired and not enough time..

Also apologies but I am not keeping up with all my favourite blogs.. back on proper size computer so hope to catch up in a day or 2 😀


You  can read my other blog 1500 Saturdays here


24 thoughts on “Portrait of a LoneTree

  1. taken from ‘Aborphillia’ support group web page …
    This group is devoted to people who feel an especial attraction to trees, and those that love them. It is a place where arborphiliacs can feel safe and where we will no longer feel condemned for what we love. In a society of intolerance, it is time that we arborphiliacs spoke out about anti-tree-hugging prejudice.

    We would have come out of the closet sooner, if the closet didn’t have such entrancing woodwork.

    This is not a porn community but a serious support group! Only non-nude tree pictures are to be posted!

    the last sentence made me laugh! …… remember Helen, no naked tree hugging pictures!! lol x

    • That was one of the little distractions Stuart the other is in the last phto.. I think I shuld have cropped a little more of the right to take out that little shed or whatever it is.. It isn’t so noticable in the colour version but is a bit too obvious for my taste in this sepia sort of one..

      • I’ll be totally honest….Its a shed, I’m a man….that doesn’t bother me…..but that twig…tut tut tut.
        And how you can be tired with all of these siestas you’re currently enjoying I don’t know…

  2. I like the composition. I wish you could have gone up close too. It could have added a lot more sides to the mystery lonetree..

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