Feeding the birds

Now for something completely different. As you all know by now I have a new camera and I’m slowly getting used to it which means lots of experimentation.  I’m having a great time learning.

Here’s some more. Feel free to choose  😀


 Spot the bread in this first one?







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22 thoughts on “Feeding the birds

      • Serious comment here…(I know thats not normal for me)…but I think focus is vastly overrated….Some subjects do need to be really crisp but often you get a greater sense of what a shot is all about when its either deliberately or accidentally out of focus…If these gulls were completely frozen the shot would seem stiff whereas there is such a great sense of their chaotic movement in the way you’ve taken it…
        Works for me!

      • Completely agree about the birds.. I was thinking more of the little girl being a bit more in focus. I like it when you’re serious by the way.. I agree too about focus.. often lack of foucus adds more charm and depth as well as atmosphere.. It can make a picture more real

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