Cumbrian Jetty

Sometimes you just have to take a photo that is really touristy and here it is ! A jetty on one of the Cumbrian lakes.

You know I value all your opinions so I’d be interested to know which version you like. Subtle differences in some and more obvious in others












This one below is my personal favourite…Ummm I think?


If you didn’t see my watery one on flooding from yesterday you can see it here


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40 thoughts on “Cumbrian Jetty

  1. Oh yes! I’d vote fot the last one, sepia toning and symmetry are two of my weaknesses, along with best bitter, cabernet sauvignon and decent port!

  2. Today I’m liking the third best, with the penultimate a close second. The bright green at the end of the jetty makes me want to rush out to that point and find out what’s different about that place, as if a shaft of sunlight would suddenly appear and raise me heavenward! The other one has that off-center surrealism to it that makes me feel like the jetty is from another world entirely, like it might be a gangplank to a new set of possibilities I had never imagined.

  3. First one for me !!
    But, scrolling from one picture to another, I almost felt sea sick … 😀 … the horizon is not completely horizontal !
    I also hesitated with the one before the last picture that is different from the others … but to me, it is slightly taken from too high (I hope I’m clear :-D)
    All are great shots anyway !

    • Oh that did make me laugh Mathias.. as I’m on holiday I’m only using a tiny netbook to edit so not easy! and couldn’t decide with a couple whether to use the horizon or the planks of the jetty… and couldn’t always tell if either were straight or not.. I’m interested in your reaction to the penultimate shot as I deliberately took this one high because I wanted to have clear water at the end of the jetty.. but I do understand what you mean ..

  4. I think the third one has a bit of romance to it. It shows up the “oriental carpet” on the end of the dock, bringing out a bit of red. And that green is so sumptuous.
    I like the way you have framed the water with the wooden supports just below the water line. Lovely.

  5. I am between no.2 and no.5. No.2 because although I love the blue toning, you have maintained the colour on the wooden posts. No.5 because you have gone for the off centre jetty using the golden thirds rule. I have to choose, so my vote goes for the second photo.

  6. Well as ever.. I fly in the face of opinion.
    Number three doesn’t work as well..Overall it is much more natural than the others, (and a bit sharper than frame used in 1,2 &4) but the support posts seem too obviously colour boosted and a bit ‘sore thumby’..I think this makes is seem as if you’ve tried to keep it natural but not quite got it right…Whereas number four, which is so obviously a treatment, works perfectly. The slight blur/haziness adds to the atmosphere, and the colour and tone, obviously unnatural, are incredibly subtle and enhance the subject marvellously…
    Number four could hang on my wall….I think its a REALLY succesful image.

    • Very interesting comments Stuart.. Numbers 2 and 5 are as taken so without enhancement of any kind but I did take with the sunset setting on my camera because there was so little light and I thought that might help…it produces this lovely bluey effect which I love.
      As mentioned I nearly didn’t post the “green” one but it seems to be universally liked which amazed me..
      Number 4 – I added the blurring in camera because it was already naturally very misty at the lake( for most of the bloomin week! ) and I thought enhancing it would work so I am gratified that you like it..

  7. I think Stuart’s comment is interesting, how the more obviously treated image can appear more successful than one where the colors have just been boosted.

    I have had that experience, where an image comes out better either with no treatment at all or with a full-on filter effect, but nothing in between.

    As for my choice, I seem to be in the extreme minority by choosing the first one. It struck me as beautiful right away, before I even scrolled down to see the others. The monochromatic treatment seems to suit the subject, capturing the starkness that I see.

  8. No, not the demon jetties, NO!!!!!!!! >>> sorry for that, got carried away, or ought to be carried away . . . . at least . . . . .

    The bottom one is my favourite by a long way here, as I see it is your’s too – the toning suits it perfectly. Maybe darken the featureless sky a little, or crop some of it out – but its a very nice image whatever. Adrian

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