Ancient building (with a bit of tweaking!)

This one is for Karen, otherwise known as the hugely talented  Draw and Shoot who I know likes buildings and for Stuart of shpics fame, he with the very wicked sense of humour, who has just been posting some photoshopped  slightly altered photos of buildings 🙂 and giving lessons on how to do it !

 You will see that these have been slightly altered too except this first one which is how it was originally









Which one is your favourite?


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26 thoughts on “Ancient building (with a bit of tweaking!)

  1. What a great find!
    Do you know what it is?
    I actually thing the’straight’ shot is my fave here…I like the fact that it is ‘in situe’ so you get a strong sense of place which you lose in the final shot…however i really like the subtle footling you’ve done in the last shot…the environment in shot two is a bit too bleached for my tastes….so combination of first and last rings my own rusty bell…
    But that’s all academic……one subject which im sure you loved photographing and a whole range of ways to enhance the way it makes you feel…wonderful….

    • I have no idea what it is Stuart.. I was on my way back to the apartment after a looooooooong day out with my camera. I saw this sign off the main road that said “public road round the lake”…so tiredness went out the window even though the light was almost gone. I just had to get a look.. the lake was beautiful ( I intend to go that way tomorrow) but the road was very narrow and I moved into the gateway of this place to get out of the way of a car and there it was beckoning me !! You know how it is ! Love at first sight 🙂 I think I should have darkened shot 2 a tad.

    • Stuart I have researched this a bit since I got back home. The building sits behind a wall and big wrought iron gates beside the Aquaduct on Thirlmere reservoir and it’s a Victorian pump house or valve station… they don’t build them as beautiful as this now !! The drive around the reservoir was a highlight of the holiday for me ( apart from nearly scaring myself to death on the hardknott pass ! )

  2. I like the clarity achieved in image 2 and it, together with image 4 have been processed very effectively. I do like them. I do wonder though, whether image 2, with more original colour showing would be even better. Image 1 seems to lack the sharpness of the second one and I’m not sure that this is all to do with just the desaturation in 2.

    Interesting experimentation.

    • A couple of problems here Dave. 1st The light was near as dammit gone when I took these. 2nd I post processed in camera so limited choice.3rd I’m editing on a netbook so not getting a really good look at them before I post like I do on my wide screen at home…. all good fun though..

  3. Oh what a great building Helen! It’s so fun to experiment with framing and colour isn’t it?!

    I like each one of these! All the mossy greenness in the first one tells a story of age and dampness and survival.
    The second one brings out it’s elegance and the framing in the third with the tall tree makes it seem more monumental.
    The closeup I love for all the details and texture.

    This is exactly why I tend to work in series. (It’s not that I can’t decide!) I just like looking at things in different ways, from different angles…exploring the possibilities. It’s a fascinating building.

    Thanks for your very kind words Helen! Karen

    • Well deserved words Karen ! I know talent when I see it 🙂 I too like series work ( and that IS because I can’t make up my mind !!) so watch out for tomorrows offering. But… I’ve committed to photo a day and it is VERY time consuming to upload a my other responses above for more on this building.

  4. I like the first because of the green grass and the mossy trees…and I love how this tower seems almost organic in its setting. I tell you, I’m itching to come wander your countryside!

    • Brilliant Scilla… you are so right about organic with the surroundings.. I don’t think it is used ( I was only there for a few minutes at the end of a looooong day) and it did seem very sort of blended in ..

  5. Thanks Lisa.. I was using the 18mm end of my 18-55mm lens hence the angle. I actually had to otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to get it all in as I was shooting it through the bars of a huge gate but I’m pleased with the effect..

  6. I agree with Karen that the composition of second one really does justice to the mini castle. The rule of thirds works really well here, with the two thirds to the left supporting the castle perfectly. The trees and hillside frame this beautifully, and the space/dry grass in the foreground seems to beckon the viewer to the structure and its doors.

    Oh, and as a father, I couldn’t help thinking that this looks like the product of parents who pulled out all the stops building a playhouse for their kids.

  7. Thanks for your comments F&B.. I didn’t know I was doing the thirds thing ( I’ve only heard of it in relation to photography just the other day!! ) I may have been taking photos for a long time but only on instinct! see my response to Stuart above for what this actually is 😉 )

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