Tall Things

It continues to be very grey here in Cumbria and the light is challenging for taking photos but here are a couple of tall things I spotted.


Made by nature :-



  Made by Man :-



I absolutely love this building which is on the beach at Rampside in Cumbria. It’s a Victorian navigation light ( not a lighthouse) that’s 46′ tall. The light would show only on the beach side and would have served as a leading light for Walney channel. I just think it is beautiful being so unusually tall and thin with lovely brickwork. Elegant in the extreme.


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14 thoughts on “Tall Things

  1. I’m warning you, Helen, if you keep posting such gorgeous pictures of your countryside, I’m likely to pop over for an extended visit! I’m enthralled by the rolling hills and stiles and sheep especially. Beautiful shot!

    • haha ..wishful thinking Stuart?? I prefer the 2nd one too.. ( although the 1st was more of a challenge because the wind was trying to blow my head off ! ) That’s a lifeboat station in the background..

  2. Spectacular images, both of them.. That is a most wonderful tree and stunning background. And what a very tall and interesting structure, love the way you describe it

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