Baaaaa !


I was travelling up to the Lake District yesterday and stopped off in the Yorkshire Dales to take some photos in the rain and wind. Boy can it ever rain up here; I’ve learnt to love my waterproofs…and that wind nearly blew me off my feet several times..

What I’ll do to try to get a half-decent photo !

I will be editing photos on a VERY tiny netbook while I’m away so heaven knows what the quality of the photos will be like as I can hardly see them !  I’m sure you’ll tell me !

First a few sheep shots ( try saying that fast half a dozen times 😉  )


What do you think this first one might be saying if it could talk?


 Don’t these sheep have the loveliest of black faces and I thought the ear tags looked like earrings..




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31 thoughts on “Baaaaa !

  1. Great sheep shots Helen. Lovely composition. Caption for second image:- “Are you my Valentine?”. The idea came from the heart shaped rock with red paint. Please don’t read too much else into the caption! Dave.

  2. They are lovely! But where are the little lambs? Our neighbours have them out in the field.Is it too early for lambs in your neck of the woods?

    • Thanks david I love that you enjoy the crops.. The sheep were all scattered around the field and I was photographing something the other side of the road but caught them moving out of the corner of my eye… they all ran into this line and looked at me… talk about posers !

    • Well spotted David.. it was a big block crow trying to keep airborne in the wind.. There was quite a drop off to the left and behind this rock. The crow was just too far away to get in the shot. I did get a couple later but they weren’t as effective as this one.

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  4. Great sheep shots! I love the fourth one the best, the loner or king sheep! 😉 I can honestly say that I’ve never seen sheep with black faces, beautiful! Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting on my sheep!

  5. Good shots again, Helen!

    Top one: for maximum effect, the bottom of the frame should be about half way between where it is now and the feet of the nearest sheep. Great shot!

    Second one down: I find the red bits in the stones too distracting and I’m not sure here what the subject is.

    3rd down – wonderful shot, really up close and personal, filling the frame. If possible, the faces of the one at the back and the one on the right need to be as bright as the one nearest the camera.

    Bottom one – wonderful shot and perfect format! The rough grass in the front, the rounded, weathered rocks, the sheep looking into the shot, the rugged hill mid distance behind the sheep, and lastly the far distance, a misty landscape – spot on! Nit picking – reduce the brightness of the tiny, more or less square object in the far distance on the left, beside a wall and line of trees, its a little distracting.

    Hope this is useful. Adrian

    • very useful thanks Adrian.. As mentioned in response to another of your comments. I now know how to use the healing brush so that little white building will be gone !

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