Lonely leaves

I took these on Saturday at the same time as I took the Feather and pawprint photos that I posted yesterday. See them here

As you can see 2 quite different effects – the 1st with no texture evident in the snow and the leaf lying on top of it; The 2nd with lots of texture and the leaf down into the snow. I tried these in B&W too but preferred the dash of colour.

Gosh I’ve only got a few snow photos left but fear not I’m not quite at the end yet 😉

Thank you for all the lovely comments about my snowy series.







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12 thoughts on “Lonely leaves

  1. i prefer the leaf upon textured snow .Although the first leaf is a nicer specimen, it could just as well sit on a white tablecloth; it loses the snow effect. But, not taking snow into account, it is a very quiet, serene picture; touching in a way, dreamlike…

  2. The first works for me… I like the way you’ve messed with the format…simply by going wide and slim and dodging out the snow detail, you’ve made a designy type feature out of the pure white and ended up with something more than a straight representation of a leaf..
    A good shot to feature a few lines of text….Winter poem?
    Really like this Hellen…

    (But I do miss the pigeon)

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