Feather and pawprints

I took this on Saturday when I was out and about in the snow. This was taken quite early in the morning and there wasn’t a breath of wind.

I was following some rabbit’s pawprints ( I think they were rabbit’s… Caroline? ) in pristine snow when I came upon this feather – thank you to the bird that dropped it so perfectly 😉





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14 thoughts on “Feather and pawprints

  1. So delicate, lovely 🙂 And yes, I’m fairly sure they are a rabbit’s paw prints. I love going out in the morning and seeing all the prints in the snow: you don’t realise how busy things are at night if you can’t see the paw prints.

    • Thank you Caroline 😉 busy at night indeed.. I know the little arched cat entrance at the bottom of my solid wooden gate has been very well used and not just by my cat but one much bigger too!

  2. In my tracking lesson at Wehr Nature Center, we learned that rabbits and squirrels actually bring their hind legs in front of their forelegs when they run. Squirrels put both forelegs down together, rabbits put them down one at a time. So, yup, those are rabbit tracks. Now, whose feather is it? That I don’t know, but I do love the contrast and composition!

    • haha.. come on now Scilla I need to know about the feather too 😉 I knew you and Caroline would know… I felt pretty sure too but after my Crow/Rook mistake I thought I’d better check!

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  4. This perfect… WoW! Glad to be finally catching up Hellen. Its been hard with 2000 emails and posts to tackle… I need a better system. Love, love your collection. 😉

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