Snow Hats and Ladybirds

I have discovered a real love of ladybirds recently ( you can see another Ladybird post here  ) I seem to have loads of them in my garden ..they are everywhere! I was amazed to think that Ladybirds could survive such cold weather but on checking out google it seems most of them don’t  😦   So these ones may not survive.

I hadn’t noticed them on these wooden posts before so they have obviously been active in the warmer weather we had prior to this period of snow, in fact I was intending just to photograph the wooden “ladies” with their snow hats and scarves when I noticed the ladybirds.





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14 thoughts on “Snow Hats and Ladybirds

    • Glad it works Karen because I know my imagination works overtime and I do wonder sometimes if people can see what I see !! ’tis both strange and worrying to see them out ..

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