Elf’s Hat ?

You have Stuart Hyde to thank for this post.. He made a comment on my 30th January post- White Feather here  . He said he thought the feather looked like a headdress – a fascinator no less !

Later on that same day, when I came back from a walk at the lake, a little clump of mud, leaf and twig fell off my boot as I took it off and I thought it looked like a little fascinator.  My imagination worked overtime and I decided it was the hat of one of Ziggyshortcrusts  Elves… I love her blog 😉

So I need you to suspend disbelief and let your imagination soar ; go on unleash the child inside…

Here’s the little elf’s hat –



I took a photograph of it next to a 1p coin so you could see how small it was and how huge my imagination is !! For my non-Uk followers a 1p coin has a diameter of  2cms.



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21 thoughts on “Elf’s Hat ?

  1. Crikey Hellen, but you have some very dapper elves in your neck of the woods…
    The little fella wearing this, would I believe, be some Elven troubadour, clutching a gnats wing harp.
    (I also covet your lens…should you tire of it I will pay postage…)

    • I think he is most definitely the Elven equivalent of Robin Hood 🙂 Stuart.. and me growing tired of my macro would be like the Pope becoming tired of Catholicism…it ain’t gonna happen 😉

      • Hi Hellen
        The following Popes have abdicated:

        Marcellinus in 304 A.D.;
        Liberius in 366 A.D.;
        Benedict IX in 1045 A.D.;
        Gregory VI in 1046 A.D.;
        St. Celestine V in 1294 A.D.; and
        Gregory XII in 1415 A.D.

        Now I’m sure that there were all sorts of extenuating circumstances, but six of the blighters !!
        I reckon at least one of them was simply tired of the whole Catholic thing….

        Anything is possible…even macro fatigue…. so just keep it in mind…I’ll collect if it helps…

  2. Whoa! You are not going to believe this, but I’m in the middle of an illustration of an elf with a hat of moss and a ruddy great pheasant feather sticking out of it. I just hope the elf wasn’t wearing the hat when you trod on it.

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