Watery Wednesday 3

These photos were taken at the weekend a few minutes before the one I posted yesterday which you can see  here  and when the light was almost gone.

I was walking along the edge of the lake and hadn’t seen these ducks until they saw me and whoooooosh, away they went; so no time for fancy focusing. Posting just for fun as I thought the one on the right looked so funny walking/running on the water.  The one on the left looks like he’s up and then….oooops not quite and down goes the foot as you can see in the 3rd photo  🙂


….and they made it…Up, Up and Away.


Click on any of the images to get a better look and you can see the other Watery Wednesdays here  and   here


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13 thoughts on “Watery Wednesday 3

  1. Some people say they love to take pictures of animals and birds, nature life… I can understand why… you’ll never really have 100% of control over it, like taking a picture of a tree by the sunset or something like this… It is nice! 🙂

  2. Startling birds is so much fun! Seagulls on the beach, pigeons in the city….once on a hike, we startled a wild turkey. The way it gobbled away and ran all flustered out from under a bush had me laughing for weeks! They loose their dignity so completely and shamelessly!

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