Somersham lake – Tree and Heron

Somersham lake is a little lake 5 mins walk from where I live. It’s one of my favourite places. I take lots of photos there and will share some from time to time in an occasional series. This one was taken early one November morning with my old Fuji Finepix, just as the fog was lifting  to allow the sun to brush light across the scene giving which gave it a sort of oriental feel. ( to me anyway! )




In this instance I much prefer the B&W but what do you think?


34 thoughts on “Somersham lake – Tree and Heron

    • It’s so interesting to hear other peoples opinions, helps me develop as a photographer….so thank you Stuart.. ( and I did the whoops thing with a post on 1500 Saturdays once.. meant to update but clicked on publish instead…doh !.

  1. I like the colour version best Helen, probably because there isn’t much. I also think it is more atmospheric. The light is lovely. B&W isn’t bad either, but colour is best. Dave.

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  5. Helen,
    Working from back to front on your blog – so this comment is probably superfluous; but on the B&W version I wonder if a small boost for the ‘ maximum black’ or even a slight tweak with contrast (avoiding blocked out high-lights) would move this from nice to superb???

    Yes very ‘Japanese’ in the style of woodblock prints.


    • I’ve seen in my notifications that you are looking at some of my older postings.. I hope you see improvement as that’s what this blog is all about 😉 This photo was taken with my old camera and was posted before I had learnt anything about post processing. I now shoot in Raw and as I said I hope you can see the difference 😀

      • Helen,
        Sorry to be so presumptuous:

        They are both such lovely images and I hope you have not consigned them ‘just’ to the computer screen; they should be printed and on the wall.
        Ho and yes I see the change in your work – that is why with a new too me, Blog, I always start from the back.


      • Good idea that.. Alas I don’t think either of this would print too well as my old camera only did 72dpi so wouldn’t print well at all.

      • I have just got to February on your blog and realised that at some point I must have looked in before.
        Do that some times and then forget which I need a closer look at. (You might say that is what bookmarks are for, but….)
        A WVS woman suddenly jogged the memory cells!


      • I am old but not ‘that’ old – I have a good memory for a face – not good for where from……….
        The same as useless information: but it gets let down by source material.


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