Architecture 1 – Spiral Staircase

From rotten fruit and veg here   to this! – no-one can accuse me of not having variety in my blog 🙂 I was reviewing Photomania and realised it is distinctly lacking in architecture so thought I’d remedy that now –



Taken with Fuji Finepix in Iceland Sept 2011


17 thoughts on “Architecture 1 – Spiral Staircase

    • Thankyou Louis. The reason I needed a new camera was because of the limitations of the Fuji Finepix…couldn’t do very close work, for example, which I love. It also performs very badly in poor light. In Iceland the light was perfect so this and other photos worked well but if the light had been poor it would have been a very different story

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  2. I drive past a red spiral stair case every day on our way into our studio, never make time to stop and photograph it, this is a lovely image, something romantic about spiral stair cases! x

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