Watery Wednesday 2


This  was taken with my Fuji Finepix in Sept 2011 on a boat in Iceland. We were whalewatching but unfortunately only saw one small Minke whale but did see quite a few dolphins.

The boat was moving slowly backwards. This pattern was made where the port and starboard waters met at the bow or forward end of the boat and I was utterly hypnotised by it .

Do I sound as though I know about boats?  I defnitely don’t !

I am though endlessly fascinated by water and this bottom photo was when I just missed a dolphin !!


Obviously a bit of post processing in these… just adding some depth of colour and contrast.


12 thoughts on “Watery Wednesday 2

  1. That is a great texture to add to any ‘texture library’. I like it a lot. I can understand being mesmerised by it.

    I also understand the frustration of just missing a dolphin. A few years back I was trying to photograph dolphins with me Sony DSC-H1 and I found it nearly impossible, just because of the shutter lag on that camera. I haven’t tried since getting my DSLR.

    • Must add texture to the tag list 🙂 I did catch a couple of dolphins BB but they’re not great shots. The Finepix was too slow like yours.. would love to have a go with this camera..

  2. When I first looked at the “watery” picture, I thought it was a non-event. Actually it isn’t, it’s quite subtle and arty. Well done again Helen.

  3. The bottom photo is an absolute gem. I love the languid, smooth patterns and the subtle nuances of blue. I think the abstraction evokes a ‘deeper’ response than a straight representational picture would have done.

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