Self Portrait 2 – Ugh?

Natural Redhead?

I think even things we would normally say Ugh! about can be beautiful…

Self portrait 1 here


11 thoughts on “Self Portrait 2 – Ugh?

  1. It makes me think of match sticks and fiber optic wire…I like the contrast between the rigidity and fluidity…and the fun of playing with perception…what do you associate with first when you “see” something? What it is? What it reminds you of? Thanks for giving me something that fascinates every day!

      • Funny! Here it is weeks later, I only just saw your response, and I only just got that you referred to this as a self portrait.

        That is so clever!!!

        BTW, my son is a redhead, bright copper/orange hair, so I’m naturally fond of the 1-2% of you who are so-adorned. 🙂

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  3. F&B thank you.. I confess I am not a natural redhead ( I am sorry to disappoint !) but have had my hair one shade of red or another for so long that I cannot remember what colour I was.. !! A sort of mousey brown I think !

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