Ethereal water but where?

Now for something completely different .. A little puzzle. 

Where do you think I was and what was I doing??

Okay, I know I was taking a photograph but you know what I mean !  

5th jan – The answer – I was on a bus with my son travelling from Treviso airport to Venice, late afternoon on 22nd Dec.  We were on the 5km Liberty Bridge which joins the mainland to Venice; crossing the Lagoon..  I wanted to shout STOP to the bus driver because this is just how the light was and I was desperate to take a photo. Of course I couldn’t ask him to stop so had to take a couple of photos through the very dirty window of the moving bus.  I was surprised to find I really liked the sort of Asian feel that was created and blurred effect from the movement and dirt!


22 thoughts on “Ethereal water but where?

  1. There’s a large cruise ship in the background…you’re looking toward a port…judging from the electrical towers, it may be a large city…dunno, Southampton or Portsmouth, maybe?

  2. Just a wild guess but the tent like structures in the background remind me of a golf course in Dubai. Though the weather certainly doesn’t look like Dubai, though it has been known to rain there.

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